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Tim Deykin

Tim in the early years! Following his interest in sport and science subjects at school Tim completed the first Sport Science BSc Degree course in Liverpool in 1980. He continued with research into the 'effects of sleep deprivation on human performance' combined with the role of President of the Students Union. The following year he commenced a Masters Degree at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, but having suffered an knee injury whilst teaching sport, he returned to Britain before its completion in order to register on a Physiotherapy Training Course.

He spent three years at Withington Hospital School of Physiotherapy (which was recognised as one of the best school in the country) and qualified in 1985 gaining Professional eligibility and Membership of the Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

He sought employment at one of the top Sports Injury Clinics in the North West working in St John Street in Manchester City Centre. After only a few months whilst treating the Captain of Great Britain Rugby League Team, Harry Pinner, Tim was head-hunted by St. Helens RLFC.

At St. Helens Tim re-organised the treatment facility, working three to four evenings a week and both days at the weekend, and covering all the scheduled training sessions and first team matches. He gained invaluable experience, dealing with a continual barrage of acute soft tissue injuries, and having to get the players back on the field for the next match.

He went to Wembley twice with St. Helens in the Silk Cut Challenge Cup Final's in 1987 and 1989. He was also the Team Physio for the Lancashire RLFC Team and for the Rest of the World Team when they played Great Britain in 1989. The Rugby League secured Tim's services to attend all GB Squad training camps and Fitness Assessments and he was also Team Physio to the GB Academy RLFC Squad.

In 1989 he had a chance meeting with his canoe slalom coach who was the GB Team Coaching Staff at the time, and was asked if he could provide physio cover for a series of races in Europe during the closed season.

He subsequently relinquished his post at St Helens to follow his favourite sport of Slalom Canoeing and attended the World Championships in the USA in 1989 and the former Yugoslavia in 1991. (which finished only days before war broke out!)

Barcelona Olympics 1992 Tim travelled with the team all over Europe working not only as the team Physiotherapist but also helping out with team logistics and assisting the coaching staff. His work with the Team culminated in 1992 when he attended the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games at the La Seu Slalom site.

Having married the previous year to Alison (another slalom canoeist) he decided to spend a little time at home and relinquished his post with the team.

Tim had gained seven years of very intense, high-pressure sports injury management experience. Despite the weekend working schedules preventing him from attending many post graduate courses, he managed to make time to attend a few of the cutting edge training courses, keeping fully up to date with the latest breakthroughs in Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine.

Tim's Post-Graduate Courses

1982LiverpoolDennis WrightSports injuries
1988WarringtonMalcolm RobinsonBack Pain Mckenzie Part A
1988NottinghamMalcolm RobinsonNeck Pain Mckenzie Part B
1988LondonPeter WellsAdverse Mechanical Tension
1988ManchesterSeminarsBritish Assoc. of Sports Medicine
1989LiverpoolPeter LegeardBack & Neck Pain Mckenzie Part C
1989StockportMartin WeingartenSpinal Dysfunction Kaltenborne Technique
1989LondonBrian EdwardsBack & Neck Pain Combined Movements
1989DerbyAndy SweaneyRepetitive Strain Injuries
1989ManchesterSeminarsBritish Assoc. Sports Medicine
1990BirminghamAce NeemBack Pain Mckenzie Part D
1990LondonBob ElveyAdverse Neural Tissue Tension
1990StevenageBrain MulliganBack & Neck Pain NAGS and SNAGS
1990StratfordSeminarsCranio-mandibular disorder - TMJ -Whiplash
1990NewcastleAndy Sweaney& Dr Phil EvansRepetitive Strain Injury and Adverse Neural Tissue Tension
1991BirminghamAce NeemBack & Neck Pain Mckenzie Part D refresher
1991Birmingham Western Style Acupuncture for Pain Relief
1991LondonPeter WellsAdverse Neural Tissue Tension
1991LondonBrain MulliganBack & Neck Pain- NAGS and SNAGS
1992LetchworthLeon ChaitoeCranio-sacral Manipulation-12 day course
1992SheffieldAndy SweaneyAdverse Neural Tension
1992YorkSeminarsMedico-legal Workshop (OCPPP)
1992ManchesterJames CarrollLazer Therapy
1993SheffieldBernard NolanShiatsu Oriental Medicine
1993ManchesterDiane FarragherEutrophic Stimulation for Bells Palsy
1993Manchester Tempero-mandibular joint dyfunction
1993LondonJenny McConnellPatello-femoral Taping Techniques
1993NottinghamSeminars-ACPOHErgonomics with Practical Applications
1993AbergavenyBrain EdwardsBack & Neck Pain Combined Movements
1993PeterboroughSeminars OCPPPComputer Software in Medicine
1993KeelePaul BartlettLanger Lower Limb Biomechanics Course
1993YorkProfessor Mariano RoccabardoCranio-cervical and Cranio-mandibular Dysfunction
1993HarrogateJeff Boyling & Mark ComerfordMuscle imbalance implications of Repetitive Strain Injuries
1993LondonProf Nikoli BogdukCervical Headaches-Seminars & Workshop
1993LondonProf Nikoli BogdukUpdate on the Lumbar Spine (MACP)
1994SheffieldLouis GiffordAdvanced Adverse Neural Tissue Tension
1994LondonPete EmersonPelvic Somatic Dysfunction and Corrective MuscleEnergy Techniques
1994HarrogateMark ComerfordMuscle Imbalance - Trunk Stability/Back Pain
1994LiverpoolJeff BoylingOverview of RSI and muscle imbalance
1994ManchesterProf Vladamir JandaMotor Recruitment / Muscle Reprogramming
1994ManchesterLouis GiffordClinical Biology of Aches and Pains
1994EdinburghGwen JullUpdate - Lumbo-pelvic Restabilisation
1994EdinburghDavid ButlerUpdate - Neuro-meningeal Dynamics
1995LiverpoolDave FitzpatrickWork Related Upper Limb Disorder
1995LiverpoolJeremy LewisMyo-fascial pain / Shoulder Impingements
1995LondonSeminarsRecent Concepts in Pain Science
1996EdinburghCaroline RichardsonUpdate on Lumbo-pelvic Restabilisation
1996LiverpoolMick Thacker & Louis GiffordWhiplash and Chronicity
1996EdinburghPaul HodgesUpdate on Trans Abs and Muscle Imbalance
1997ManchesterSeminarsCurrent Trends in Sport
1997ManchesterGlen HunterDynamic Tissue Healing / Effects of Physio.
1997CheltenhamDr Phil EvansProsection Study of Knee Pathology
1997SouthamptonProf James TaylorClinical Pathology - Cervical & Lumbar Spine
1997LondonDr Phil EvansProsection Study of the Shoulder Girdle
1997HuntingdonDr Phil EvansProscetion Study of the Elbow & Wrist
1997ManchesterSeminars-GP ForumBack and Groin Pain
1997LondonSeminarsRehabilitation for Back Pain
1998ManchesterLouis GiffordThe Problem of Nerves
1998ManchesterSeminars GP ForumAspects of Orthopaedics
1998ManchesterDr Tim WatsonElectrotherapy Update
2000ManchesterLouis GiffordAches and Pains- Graded Exposure
2000ManchesterDr Nigel LawesPain Science and the Patient
2000ManchesterDr Nigel Lawes & Louis GiffordCurrent Thinking on the Problem of Pain
2000ManchesterSeminars- GP ForumLower Limb Biomechanics
2000LiverpoolVladamir BobicLower Limb Pathology and Biomechanics
2001DerbyLouis GiffordSymposium on Pain
2001BristolGlen HunterThe Soft Touch -Tissue Healing Dynamics
2001DaventryFootball Assoc.Sports Injury Conference
2001LondonSeminarsBack Pain Pathophysiology
2001LiverpoolSeminarsSports Injury, Surgery and Rehabilitation
2001SheffieldSeminarsCurrent Trends in Lower Limb Rehabilitation
2002ManchesterSeminarsUpper Limb Sports Injury & Management
2002ManchesterSeminarsGrowing Pains in Children
2002WarwickTony WilsonAnterior Knee Pain- no tape required
2002NottinghamA Taylor & R KerryAltered  Haemodynamics
2002LiverpoolSeminarsSports Injury, Surgery and Rehabilitation
2002LiverpoolProf Gordon Waddell  & Paul Watson Working Backs
2003StockportJo GibsonThe Shoulder: What's new?
2003ManchesterHoward TurnerEMG Biofeedback
2003ManchesterWarrick McNeilUltrasound imagin, trans abs
2003LiverpoolDr Jill CookeTendinopathies
2003DaventryFootball Assoc.Sports Injury Conference
2003LiverpoolSeminarsSports Injury, Surgery and Rehab
2004RotheramAmanda BlakeUnderstanding MR and Ultrasound imaging
2005RotheramDean WatsonRole of C0-3 in Benign recurrent Headache
2005SheffieldTony WilsonThe Shoulder Unplugged
2005EpsomDr John ReynoldsAcupuncture Update and Review
2005ManchesterJohn AnnanMyofascial Release Level One
2005LondonDr J Bullock-SaxtonNew Exercises with Bands and Balls
2005NottinghamDr J Bullock-SaxtonAbout Muscles
2005NottinghamJoanne ElphinstonFunctional Stability Level One
2006OxfordJoanne ElphinstonFunctional Stability Level Two
2006LoughboroughEIS East and Training Update
2006LoughboroughRon SharpAcupuncture and Sports Injuries
2007LondonDr Chan GunnIntra-muscular dry needling Part one
2007PragueDr Van HagenBody Works Exhibition
2007LondonDr Chan GunnIntra-muscular dry needling Part Two
2007CambridgeDr Dean WatsonC0-3 Benign Headaches Level Two
2007ReadingTony BettisonSports First Aid and Trauma
2008BoltonMr Gordon ShephardRecent advances in knee surgery in sport
2008ManchesterDr G Van HagenBody Works Exhibition
2008CambridgeDr Dean WatsonOne-on-One study day/tutorial
2008StokeHaken AlfredsonTendinopathies - Patella and Achillies
2008BirminghamN/ADiagnositc Ultrasound Imaging

Courses & Lecturing
I have run several weekend courses at Stepping Hill Hospital on ‘ Understanding Necks and Backs’ for other practitioners, and have also run another weekend course on Knee and Shoulder rehabilitation, re-stabilisation and neuromuscular re-programming.
I have lectured in a part-time capacity at Salford University on the BSc. (Hons) Sports Rehabilitation programme, and at the Manchester Metropolitan University Physiotherapy programme..

Clinical Placements
I currently receive twelve to fourteen undergraduates on clinical placement from Sports Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy degree courses from Manchester, Salford, Sheffield Universities at the clinic in Stockport, as well as welcoming year 10 and A-level students on work experience placements, during the summer vacation.  

"Affects of partial and complete sleep deprivation on certain aspects of human performance"
Reilly T. and Deykin T. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 1983.


Victoria Wade

Get your feet and lower legs sorted with Victoria! Victoria is the resident Podiatrist at Sport-Med who can provide detailed biomechanical assessment of the lower limb and prescribe relevant exercise advice and often orthotic shoe inserts to remedy your aches and pains.

Equally as important, Victoria can deal with soft tissue complaints of the foot and ankle, namely toe nails, verucas and corns!

More information about Victoria coming soon !

Our Medical Professionals

At Sport-Med we have brought together under one roof the blend of several areas of neuro-musculo-skeletal medicine by combining skills of a:

Chartered Physiotherapist
Sports Rehabilitator

Our team can give the widest perspective on your injury or condition and offer you the most effective and comprehensive programme of treatment and rehabilitation.

All of our Professionals have undertaken a three-year full time degree course and examinations, written, oral and practical, which enable them to gain membership to their relevant Professional Governing Body.

The Professional Governing Body sets standards, codes of practice and codes of conduct by which each practitioner must abide. In return the practitioner can apply for State Registration, and is given Professional Indemnity Insurance. In the case of physiotherapy this is now set at £5,000,000 and can be supplemented by becoming a member of the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice.

Other members of staff include the following:
Accounts Clerk



From time to time we also have on board with us students on work experience or clinical placements.

Work experience students are usually year 10 students (approx. 15 years old). They will have sent us a brief CV, and attended an informal interview. They are given a place here only if they can demonstrate that they really want to follow physiotherapy as their chosen career.

This work experience is vital to progress into physiotherapy, as Universities will no longer take students on their academic results alone. They must have shown some commitment to gaining exposure to the profession of physiotherapy or in the medical caring environment.

We may ask your consent for students to sit in on the treatment or evaluation sessions. This is entirely at your discretion, but your co-operation would be much appreciated.

Clinical placement students are over eighteen years old studying at University and usually in their third and final year, either studying Sports Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy. In many cases they have completed nearly all of their training and have only a final dissertation to complete to conclude their course.

These students by no means know it all, but what they lack in breadth of experience, they more than make up for in commitment, excellent treatment techniques and enthusiasm to demonstrate their newly honed skills. You will also find it very enlightening listening to the senior therapist, who supervises the student, explains in medical terminology exactly what is happening in your condition! Before they undertake any treatments we check out their treatment techniques and knowledge base.


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