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Terms and Conditions 2008

Consultations take 45 minutes maximum, whilst treatments sessions last 30 minutes maximum.

OVERDUE ACCOUNTS will be pursued, but if unresolved will be passed on to debt recovery specialists at which point a transfer administration charge of 12% (min. 8, max. 50) will be added to the account together with accumulating interest charged at a further 2% per week.

MEDICAL INSURANCE Patients who are members of a medical insurance programme must first ensure that their Doctor or Specialist authorizes treatment and has agreed to sign their claim form, if that is required. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure that their claim meets all the necessary criteria set down in their policy document. If your insurance company fails to cover the cost of your treatment then unfortunately, the liability falls to the patient to cover the entire cost or any shortfall.

Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of strapping, taping or supports, and so you may have to meet these costs directly. Some policies carry an excess, and often have set limits of funding, so please check your policy. We cannot be responsible for informing you about your policy specifications.

LATE CANCELLATIONS and DID NOT ATTEND appointments will incur a charge equivalent to a full treatment. If you know that you are unable to attend the appointment, please let us know as soon as possible as we operate a waiting list as often there are other patients who may be in urgent need of the appointment you are unable to attend.

COMPLAINTS If you have any grievances or complaints regarding your treatment these should be directed to the Practice Principal, Mr Tim Deykin. If your issue relates to your account or other non-clinical issues then these should be addressed to the Practice Manager, Mrs Alison Deykin.

If, after we have made every effort to resolve the problem, you are still unhappy with the outcome then we will be pleased to refer the problem to either the CHARTERED SOCIETY OF PHYSIOTHERAPY or to the ORGANISATION OF CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS IN PRIVATE PRACTICE.


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